Saturday, January 29, 2011

~7 Facts Award~

Thanks to the most adorable blogger ever...Robin, for my "Award!"
Her blog is like a breath of fresh air in my life! Everyone should check it out at.....

*7 Facts Award*

~Rules, Rules, Rules~
1: Link the person who awarded you!
2: Post 7 random facts about yourself.
3: Pass this award along to 15 other bloggers!

Random Facts about Me:

1. I hate airports, and I'm terrified to fly.

2. I was inducted into the NAIA Softball Hall of Fame in 2002... for my career batting average.

3. I want babies....and soon.

4. A boy named Brady has my heart. : )

5. To me, a great song is more about the lyrics than the melody.

6. I met my best friends in the world in college. It's like we were all meant to meet and help each other get through those years with constant support from one another. We live in 3 different states now, but visit each other at least once a year and every time, it's like we were never apart. It's more than is and always will be...a sisterhood.

7. I'm still searching for my place in this day at a time.

I Award..... need some blog friends first. : (


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  2. You are too sweet! Your an amazing writer, and so talented at just about EVERYTHING!! You will for sure have so many bloggy friends! Oh and all ive been craving are those dang cheesy eggs since i read your post last night! Lol love ya! :)