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Hello!  I'm Amber and this is my blog.  I love finding beauty in the simple things.  I love music, art, food, reading, writing, photography, playing guitar, cooking, baking, crafting and sports!  I have an amazing family, who I could not live without.  They are my inspiration and my world!  I have the most adorable nephews in the world and I am so lucky to be their Auntie!  My little sisters and my mom are my best friends and no time is better than the time spent with them. :)  I have a wonderful husband who I love more everyday!  I have some absolutely wonderful friends who prove that family doesn't have to be a blood relative....I have found family in these girls and we will have a sisterhood forever!  Music is the single most beautiful, harmonic and theraputic art in the world!  I love singer/songwriters!  Check out my first blog post to find out who the amazing artists are that have changed my life.  I love to read and write.  I want to write a book and a screenplay.  I want to write music and get better at guitar.  I want to write a cookbook and open up a cupcake cafe with open mic nights for local folk artists.  I want to become a college softball coach and do what I love for a living!  My dreams go on and on....
"The little dreams we dream are all we can really do."

Just me. :)

This is my handsome husband, David.

My adorable nephew, Brady!

My beautiful little sisters, Ginger (Brady's mom) and Bri.

Me and my amazing Momma!!

Brady again!! :)  He's just so cute!

My dad...doing what he loves!

My Grandpa, Dad and of course the adorable Brady!

Uncle Robby (my brother) and baby Brady on Halloween! :)

Brady and his mommy and daddy...My sister Ginger and Bro-in-law, Kevin. :)

Another one of the happy family!

My sister and her baby boy....the cutie Brady!

Auntie Bri and Brady boy!

Brady and Grandma!

My wonderful in-laws! :)

Uncle David and baby Brady :)

Brysen is the newest addition to our family!!!

Sweet Blue-eyed boy!!

I love my little chunker!!

Such a Ginger (his mom) face

Sweet Baby Brysen!!

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