Friday, December 26, 2014

A visit from David's Uncles

June 1, 2014

David's uncles came to visit us a few days before David's birthday.  We had a very nice time with them....going out to eat, exploring Stump Canyon and the best part....playing ping pong!  It's always great to see them.  We wish we could visit with them more often.  It was a great visit!

Uncle Kent, Sonna (My MIL) and Uncle Monte

They are one family of talented ping pong players!!

40 Years!!

May 31, 2014

My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary this year.  40 years!  If I had it my way...and if it had been possible, I would have sent them on a dream vacation!  They are the greatest parents in the world.  I know a lot of people think they have the best parents...but I really do!  Happy 40 years, mom and dad!!!

Grandpa's Birthday

May 18, 2014

My 83 year old Grandpa has a better memory than me.  Every time we visit him, he tells us detailed stories of his childhood in Hawaii.  He remembers stories of his mom's cooking, his adventures with his sisters stealing sugar cane,  fishing with his dad, getting into mischief, playing sports in school....and most entertaining....all of folksy island songs he learned as a kid.  

Last year for Christmas, I wanted to get my dad something that meant something.  You know, instead of the same ole Home Depot giftcard, socks or sausage and cheese gift sets.  I searched the internet for something meaningful and finally came across a book.  My dad was born in Kauai, HI and it's the home of the famous Coco Palms Hotel.  My Nana (dad's mom) worked there as a young woman and so did my great aunt.  The book I found is called The Story of the Coco Palms Hotel.  The book was pretty pricey, but I decided to get it anyway.  I ordered it and it arrived slightly, they sent me another one!  Instead of trying to sell the damaged one...I decided to save it for my Grandpa's birthday.  When I received the book, I flipped through it in hopes, by some miracle, I'd find an old picture of my, then, thirty-something Nana.  No luck...but the book was still very special.  

I gifted the book to my dad for Christmas and a few days later, my mom called to tell me that she found a beautiful picture of my Nana on page 71!   I quickly went to my Grandpa's copy and saw it for myself!!  So exciting!!  On my Grandpa's birthday, I gave him the book and he loved it!  He was flipping through it and pointing out people he knew and places he'd been.  I'm glad I could find something so special for the Hawaiian men in my life....who's wife and mom was inside the whole time. :)

Brady, Grandpa, Sally and Brysen...

My nana is on the right...Tillie Lee.  And that's my great Aunt,  Esther Lee is on the left. :)

My favorite boys and their friends....

May 26, 2014

These little guys are growing so fast!  Here are some fun pictures of them with their friends. 

Brady and Brysen, my adorable nephews!


Avinli and Emma....our wonderful friends!

Robin, Emma, Ginger and Brysen!  Ginger, my sister and Robin have been best friends since grade school...and here they are with their youngest babies. :)

Brysen bug!

Brady and Emma!

Hi Grandma!

Our great friends....Robin with her daughter Emma and her mom Peggy and little sis, Avinli....

Brady with his best friend, Dax!

Snuggly Brysen...

Picnic in the park!