Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time for a "primitive" change...

So....for the past 4 years I've had my living room decorated in a "European" style.  We received a beautiful over-sized french clock from our great friends, Ian and Cheyenne, for a wedding gift.  We used it as a focal point and decorated around it to fit the style of it.  My brother had a beautiful Mediterranean cafe/street scene framed for me for Christmas one year, and it hangs on the main wall.  I also purchased a couple other paintings with the same theme, which hang on either side of the clock.  We bought a sofa table when we fist purchased our house, and it has a vintage style keepsake box in the center with Paris designs all over it. be honest...I am more of a folksy kind of girl. :)  My kitchen is decorated in pure folk art.  My wonderful MIL (mother-in-law) gave me a framed Warren Kimble print for my birthday a few years back, and she also gave me some local folk art from a small town near Dallas Texas.  Under the Kimble print hangs a hand woven, rustic Americana basket that was made for her.  She handed it down to me, and it couldn't be more "Me!"  All the beautiful art she gave me hangs on the accent wall in my kitchen and I have used them as guides for the rest of my adorable kitchen! 

I tend to lean toward primitive folk art and Americana folk art.  My sweet friend Robin, for Christmas one year, gave me a piece of wall art that I will forever love love love!!!  It's a tall skinny painting/print of the tall red folk farm house with the lovely words below "A house is built with boards and beams....a home is built with love and dreams."  I LOVE IT...and love her!  I want to decorate my living room around it...and I am slowly getting there. :)

After making a few purchases throughout the craft fair circuit this year, I am now just in need of some wall art to go with the piece from Robin.  Below are the pieces I really have my eye  on.  My birthday is coming up, so maybe if I throw out enough hints...who knows!! :)  They are available at

This one is under the "landscape" menu at

This piece, MY FAVORITE!!!  I love the barn with the old painted flag on the side.  It's absolutely perfect.
I would want in the 22X28 size.  It's under the "Americana" section of

I love these Warren Kimble Prints!!  They can also be found at

I love this primitive piece...and it's got my favorite classic red farmhouse!!  It's under the "primitive folk art" section at

This one reminds me of my mom. :)  I love it!!  It's under the "landscape" section of

Monday, January 16, 2012

Strum, strum, strum....

And....Day 20..."A Hobby of Yours"

I love playing guitar.  I want to get better!  It's the best feeling in the world after you learn a new song and can actually play your guitar and sing at the same time!  A few years ago I thought I'd never be able to do it and now I do all the time!!  I wish I had the time to take serious lessons and become AMAZING, but I have to say that teaching yourself is probably the best way to I'm in good shape. : )

Mastering the buttercream... Day 19...."A Talent of Yours"

I make a pretty delicious cream cheese buttercream.

A time when you felt passionate and alive...

It's been months since my last "30 Day Challenge" Post and I know it kind of defeats the purpose of the "challenge" part, but I am going to try and finish anyways!

So, I'm on Day 18...."A time when you felt passionate and alive.."

I am a passionate person.  I have passions...I do.  There was a time when I always felt passionate.  I love music. There's nothing better than a live acoustic performance by an artist who wrote the lyrics and composed the melody.  When I read a book and it's so heartwrenching that I can't put it down....I feel like it's the heart and soul of my life for the days I'm reading it!  When I cook and bake...a sort of calm and peace comes over me.  It's like instant bliss in a world that doesn't always show us it's beauty.

I had dreams, goals and the drive from my passions that made me feel so alive!  I'm supposed to write about a time when I felt these things.  To be honest...I can't remember.   I don't feel alive.  I feel defeated.  The past year has been horrible for MANY reasons and I can't even begin to find myself again.  I'm weary....and haunted...and life is just not what I wanted.