Monday, January 19, 2015

A Charming Adventure...

Flashback to August 30, 2014

One day..back in August, I had a cupcake delivery that took me on an adventure.  David came with me and after we dropped the cupcakes off somewhere between Sierra Vista and Bisbee...we found ourselves on a beautiful, scenic road.  We decided to keep heading down that road until we ended up in Bisbee.  It was a route we had never taken before and it reminded me of being in Tennessee, where we used to take drives down beautiful, country roads...just listening to music and exploring the unknown.  

On this day, we crossed over an old bridge that was so charming,  I had to make David stop the car, so I could snap a picture of it.  It felt great to be in a familiar place with such unfamiliar surroundings.  We did, eventually, find our way to Bisbee and went to lunch at my favorite place, Screaming Banshee Pizza!   This time, instead of just pizza, we decided to try their pesto and shrimp linguine, too. was excellent!  We also had a plate of the garlic knots that were absolutely drenched in garlic butter.  Never tasted anything better!  We also split a sausage, red pepper and mushroom pizza that was heavenly, of course.  It was an extra delicious experience, as always.  

I just love Bisbee.  After lunch, we went to the Bisbee Coffee Company for a frozen coffee and then we explored the antique shops in Old Bisbee.  I love finding vintage ephemera for my paper crafting and junk journals.  David really enjoyed the old bookstore.  It's so much fun taking pictures of the wacky...but artistic shops.  It was a memorable day...that's for sure.  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ginger's "Grey's" Birthday!

Flashback to August 12, 2014....

Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train, Sesame Street.... all birthday themes loved by kids because of television, right?  I mean, let's be honest, these days, the kids find their favorite characters, songs, etc by watching TV, for the most part. only makes sense that if their birthdays follow the pattern of that fact...then adult's birthdays should, too!   That's what Brady thought anyways.  What a smart, creative kid he is.  

Brady knows that mommy LOVES the TV show "Grey's." (Grey's Anatomy).  She watches it in bed every night with daddy and he knew that it was her show.  So, he figured her birthday should be a "Grey's" birthday!  I mean, why not?  He had just had his Thomas the Train themed birthday, momma should have her "Grey's" birthday.  

So...needless to say...with Grandma's help...they pulled it off!  It was absolutely precious!  My mom made a banner and let Brady paint it.  She found doctor's kits at the dollar store that she used as birthday decor.  And the best part of all....for my sister's birthday surprise, my mom had made the boys scrubs with stethoscopes and even their name tags...Dr. McCutie and Dr. McSweetie!!  It was the most precious thing I've ever witnessed.  The pictures below tell the story best. 

The party planners