Saturday, August 30, 2014

Once Upon an Eastertime...

Earlier in the year,  I remember telling my mom that I hope everything would be better and everyone would be healthy and happy by Easter.  Well, that goal wasn't exactly met by Easter, but it was still a fun, family filled, lovely spring day.  

For David and I, Easter Sunday started out with church.  We got dressed up, went with his mom and had a very nice time.  Then, we headed to my parent's house for the remainder of the day.  I had so much fun filling Easter baskets for Brady and Brysen.  I think everything is just more fun with those two. :)  We had delicious food and the weather was beautiful.  Grandma even scattered Easter eggs in the hallway for them to collect!  My sister, Ginger, was so nice and made Easter baskets for everyone!  Below is a picture of mine.  It was a Happy Easter!


My Easter gifts from David. :)

Easter on the Farm!

As if a cute little country store near an apple farm isn't charming enough....just add two of the most adorable little toddlers and an Easter egg hunt!  That's what Easter was like for us this year!
My sister, Ginger, and I took Brady and Brysen to the Apple Annie's Easter Egg Hunt.  It was perfect.  There were colorful Easter eggs scattered throughout the grassy field and arts and crafts stations at every turn.  The Easter Bunny made an appearance, in which Brysen (and honestly Brady, too) wanted nothing to do with.  Ha!  There were also real bunnies for the kids to pet, too.  The best part was the actual egg hunt.  Both boys were absolutely precious and had such a fun time gathering all their plastic eggs and dropping them in their Easter buckets, with mommy's and auntie's help, of course.  
After the festivities, we shopped a little in the country store and got the most delicious cider donuts, fig preserves and honey sticks.  Ginger also bought an artsy canvas for her house.  Then, we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch!  It was the perfect day. :)