Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet October.....

I just wanted to share this picture that is buzzing around Pinterest.  My sister, Bri found this there and said that it reminds her of me.  It really sums up how I feel about fall.  The beautiful colors and crisp breeze that fall brings also brings a certain peace and calm into our lives (well at least into mine).  I long to spend fall, someday, in a charming place like Savannah, Georgia....or maybe somewhere in New England.  I can imagine my mom and sisters and I visiting there.  We'd be sipping apple cider and pumpkin lattes, finding craft fairs and exploring all of the local quaint shops and cafes.  I'd want us to visit every pumpkin festival and apple picking farm in the area!  Then at night, I can see us snuggling up under our cozy quilts and watching girly movies and eating junk food.  It's just a dream I have for someday....maybe someday in October.

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