Sunday, December 14, 2014

Afternoon with Mom

May 17, 2014

My mom and I are always talking about time.  If we just had more time.  Time to get everything done that we want done, time to do all the things we have always wanted to do....time to ourselves.  Lately, I feel like I'm always behind.  My sister, Ginger calls it..."behind in life."  We are always behind in life!  I mean,'s December 14th and I am writing this post about something that happened in May!  Simplicity has never been an aspect of my life....and now I wonder why.  I long for the simple days that are like a breath of fresh air, instead of days where I try to conquer the world with every free second I have.  All that does is make me miss out on the simple and beautiful things in life.  Lunch with mom, for example.  I consider that to be oh so simple...but oh so beautiful!  It's one of my all time favorite things to do.  I want to always be able to go to lunch with my mom and spend a nice afternoon with her.  It feeds my soul.  I want to fill my life with more things like "lunch with mom."

On this particular day, we had a fabulous lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Casita.  We ate chips and salsa, chatted and enjoyed a delicious feast.  Afterwards, we went back to my mom's house for coffee and more chit chat.  She gave me a lovely candle for my house and I absolutely love it!  It smells like blueberries and sweet grapes.  Days like this are what keeps me going everyday.

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  1. How do I keep missing these wonderful blog entries of yours? Thank you for your sweet words. I totally agree. We all need to jump off our merry go rounds and start walking slower....and as they say "stop and smell the flowers!" We just need to take the time to enjoy the little things. And now....after seeing this picture....I have a huge craving for La Casita! xoLoveYou