Monday, April 6, 2015

My Christmas Tea 2014

Flashback to December 7, 2014

"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things..."

Do you have a favorite day of the year?  Maybe it's your birthday, your anniversary?  Maybe it's your favorite holiday?  Well, my favorite day of the year is the day of my Christmas Tea.  

I started this tradition in 2011 and have carried it on every year since.  It's a day to celebrate with the closest ladies in my life.  I host every year, just after my house is freshly adorned with warm and festive Christmas decor.  My house is the perfect house for afternoon tea, after all. :)

I always prepare lunch and dessert and always try to make it extra special.  There's always plenty of holiday tea, coffee, hot cocoa and hot apple cider.  Every year, I make something for all of my guests, whether it be a Christmas planner or a set of handmade Christmas Tags....or like this year...a "Paint Your Own Mug" kit!  

We exchange gifts in our annual cut-throat, fierce game of "White-Elephant" (hahaha) and it's the most fun!  We chat, eat, do crafts, eat some more, open gifts, sip tea and make everlasting memories.  It is and will always be my absolute favorite day of the year. 

My wonderful guests:  My Grandpa's lady friend (whom I consider to be my sweet step-grandma) Sally, my Aunt Terri, my Mother-In-Law Sonna, my sister Bri, my sister Ginger and my mom Sally!


  1. Love the pics and expecially to be part of the tea party!