Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Grandpa's Tree.....

Dated:  December 12, 2013

Do you know anyone who keeps their Christmas lights up year-round?  Or maybe their Christmas tree?    Well, I know someone.  And actually...after the hassle and depression of taking down the Christmas decorations every year...maybe it's not such a bad idea!  I know, I reality, I wouldn't be able to do that...but my Grandpa does there!

Every year, around the middle of December, my sisters and I head out to my Grandpa's house to help get him into the Christmas spirit.  Since my Nana passed away in 2001, we have definitely taken on the role of "Christmas decorators" at his house.  He has a sweet lady, Sally, in his life...and we consider her to be a Grandma to us, absolutely.  She is such a delight and we just love her to pieces.

This year, we hauled some Christmas decorations, including tinsel, garland, hand-painted stockings and some new ornaments out to my Grandpa's house.  Brady came with us, too and he was excited to help trim the tree and put up Grandpa's and Sally's new stockings.  Of course, the tree was already up when we got all we had to do was spiffy it up by adding some new ornaments and a fresh string of lights.

Sally was so sweet.  She had a spread of Christmas cookies, candy canes and fruit bread for us.  She also served hot cocoa and ginger ale.  It was so thoughtful of her and turned the night into a fun, holiday memory.  We finished decorating and then all sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed the goodies while my Grandpa told us Hawaiian folk tales and played Christmas songs on the harmonica.  :)