Sunday, May 4, 2014

Friends for LIfe....

Nothing makes me happier than to see my loved ones happy.  My family and friends are so important to me and I really love when they have happily ever afters.

My youngest sister, Bri, has a couple of best friends that have been in our lives since she was a little girl.  Those teenage girls with the matching Chuck Taylors and audacious personalities have certainly come a long way….but at the same time, stayed exactly the same. 

Gloria is the witty, driven, adorably petite one with a graduate degree and an infectious personality.  With her beautiful, long, dark hair, big brown eyes, red lips and fair skin….there’s no wonder why she is absolutely gorgeous.  She just fits in with us…there’s no better way to put it.  She’s sarcastic, hilarious and down to earth.  She’s one of the most intelligent people I know and has blossomed into an incredible young woman.  Her mom and dad are the sweetest people in the world and we are blessed to have such a wonderful family in our lives.   And most of all…she’s my little sister’s very best friend.

Jessica is the is the adventurous, smart, athletic, gorgeous model-like one with a free spirit and that “it” factor that you can never quite figure out.  She was definitely the more “wild” one in the group and no matter what…most just couldn’t quite keep up with her.  She’s educated, funny and has grown up into such an amazing young lady.  She carved out a little life of her own and what a life she has found.  She married a great man and they just welcomed their newborn daughter, Harper.  I couldn’t be happier for her.  Jessica and Bri grew up together, but, to me, into their adult lives is where they have really found their harmony together as best friends.

Bri is like the glue that holds this little group together.  She’s the one who will tell you how it is, no matter how harsh…but would give you the clothes off her back and go to the ends of the earth for you.  Just like Gloria and Jessica, Bri is a standout beauty.  She is a clever, 6’0 tall red head with gorgeous green eyes and a beautiful smile.  She’s the little sister that seems like the older sister a lot of the time, with her sound advice and unconditional support.  She doesn’t over think things.  She is who she is and if you don’t like her…she doesn’t let it get her down.  She’s the most generous, sweet, kind hearted person I know and what an amazing best friend she has been to Gloria and Jessica. 

The three of them were the girls in high school that all the teachers loved (well, most). They played sports, had excellent grades, ran for homecoming, set trends and really found their own paths in life.  With them, you’ve got a "class clown", "most athletic" and "most likely to succeed" on your hands.  But to me…I think they all have those traits and really share those “senior best” labels.

Bri and Jess went away to college together, to a small Juco in Kansas , on athletic scholarships.  Gloria’s brains got her an academic scholarship to a University in Maryland .  Eventually, they all ended up at colleges in different states from each other-- Bri in North Carolina, Jess in New Mexico and Gloria back in Arizona.  But, when they all ended up back in Arizona …the triple threat was more powerful than ever!  They had more responsibility, but more fun, too!  Jess got married, Gloria was going to graduate school and Bri had the pressure of deciding on exactly what she wanted to do.  But, that didn’t stop them from experiencing what twenty-something girls should!  They managed to get backstage at every concert they went to, on strictly their looks and charm, but they also played volleyball, cried on each others shoulders and started to meld into adult life with the support and love from one another.  Those three together…..could conquer the world.

When I started to write this post, I was simply going to tell you about Jessica’s baby shower.  The reason I decided to tell you about each of these amazing ladies, is because of how I felt at Jess’s shower.  Jess does a lot for herself and has really proven that fending for your self can be done with grace.  She has definitely accomplished that.  But, at her shower, it was an absolute joy to see how her best friends and family stepped up and gave Jess what she deserved.  It’s just the little things that I noticed…and yet they have stayed with me and inspired me to write this.  Just the way Bri wanted to make sure her shower was special and perfect and the selfless way that Gloria stepped up with a lot of the decorating and special touches.  Little things, yes, but that day…I just realized that all three girls had really grown up.

Enjoy the pictures below!  Jessica was absolutely glowing.  She was the pregnant girl that every pregnant woman wants to be.  Glowing skin, beautiful thick hair, no stretch marks and no baby weight except for the perfect little baby bump.  Adorable!

Here they are in 2006... :)

Another oldie... :)

Sweet Baby Harper!! :)

They've all grown up so much!!


  1. Nice story, Amber. We're all proud of those 3. And you forgot to mention who made those gorgeous cupcakes for the baby did!

  2. Oh omp... I love you so much. :)