Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Christmas 2013.....

Dated:  December 25, 2013

I'll be honest.  The holidays are hectic!  I absolutely love the days leading up to Christmas and they sometimes even seem more exciting than the actual day of Christmas.  I have learned, through the years, that I need to start my holiday decorating, shopping and baking sooner than later in order to actually enjoy the festive time of year.   For me, the holiday season always starts out with my Christmas Tea, which I already blogged about here.  It's my absolute favorite day of the year.  Then, I try to get in as many Hallmark Christmas movies as possible!  My husband isn't very fond of them, but he is usually willing to tough them out, given plenty of cookies and hot cocoa with extra fluffy whip!  The movies get cornier and cornier....and I couldn't love them more! 

I try to fit in shopping here and there during the weeks of December, along with wrapping and keeping up with my Christmas crafting.  Having a full-time job is no fun during the holidays.  I'd rather spend my days baking cookies, shopping for bargains and creating fun holiday crafts!  Just dreaming a little. :)

This year, sadly, I felt very disconnected from the holidays...starting the day after (well, the night of) Thanksgiving.  My sister, Bri and my mom went with me to Wal-Mart for my first "Black Friday" shopping experience.  It was fun hanging out with them, but I had no gift ideas and really no money, so I just ended up buying things that I didn't need or that I didn't really like at all.  With the exception of a gift for my nephew, Brysen, it was an unsuccessful midnight shopping trip.  Next year I think I will just stay in a watch cheesy Christmas movies all night instead.  After that shopping trip, the impulse purchases continued throughout the month of December.  Nothing substantial was purchased....just a bunch of un-exciting junk. :(

When Christmas Eve was here....I had a cupcake order that was a no show.  It made me 2 hours late for my parent's annual Christmas Eve get together.  The rest of the night was good...although we were missing my brother, Robby, because he had just moved to Texas, as you have read in one of my previous blog posts.  I don't feel like there was a lot of Christmas spirit and that know the feeling that Christmas gives you no matter how old you get...excitement, love, happiness..peace....well, it was almost missing for me this Christmas.  2013 wasn't the greatest year for maybe it was appropriate....A so, so end to a so, so year.  

I don't want to fill this entire blog post with doom and I will end it with my wishes for this upcoming holiday season.  

#1 Keep things simple!
#2 Enjoy the time of year as much as possible, instead of running crazy!
#3 Make more handmade gifts
#4 Write a Christmas letter to insert into my cards
#5 Bake more with my mom and sisters 
#6 Make more memories with my nephews
#7 Slow down and enjoy
#8 Find peace and harmony....

I was still able to snap some pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was very nice to celebrate with my loved ones. 

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  1. I'm sorry this was a sad Christmas for you. Sometimes life takes it's toll on us and it's hard to feel the joy we look forward to after a trying year. But our family is blessed, that we always feel the love.