Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thriftin' and lunch.....

I have really been trying to eat better.  I just love food so much.  I mean, it's the topic of any good conversation, the happiest part of my day and the main focus of any vacation.  Let's be honest....I definitely am not one of those people who eat to live....I live to eat!  Good food can make us all feel comforted and happy.  For chefs, foodies and cooks....the preparation of food and the recipes that make up a delicious meal can seem so big in a world that doesn't always focus on the good.  When something as simple as infusing hot oil with garlic, or zesting a lemon over pasta makes such a huge difference in a dish, it almost makes me forget about all the bad that exists.  Food is art.  Food is passion.  Food is love!

Nevertheless, I have been trying to eat better.  Healthy food doesn't have to be flavorless.  We can still eat delicious food, but keep in mind that moderation is key.  Before, when I've tried dieting, I've only concentrated on what NOT to eat, but this time, I'm trying to concentrate on what I SHOULD eat.  I have been preparing healthy, flavorful meals for myself and my husband that have been pretty tasty!  

Truthfully, I think we all miss the stuff that's not very good for us....the guilty pleasure food.  I think the only way to stay motivated, other than seeing results, is to have a "cheat" day to look forward to.  My sister, Ginger, and I have developed a deep love for Saturday.  It's our cheat day!  It feels like Christimas morning every Saturday.  It's like sleeping in never mattered to me.  The earlier I wake up...the more yummy, comfort food I can fit in!  That's so bad....but's cheat day!  So, every week, around Wednesday or Thursday is when we start to plan our Saturday.  Our favorite thing to do has been this: We wake up super early (5:45 am early) after having scoped out the yard sale route the night before.  We head to the nearest convenient store and pick up a chocolate covered, custard filled donut, along with coffee for me, orange juice for her...and hit the yard sales!  After a couple hours of treasure hunting at these yard sales, we call my mom and meet for a big breakfast.  We have pancakes, biscuits and gravy....just whatever we want!  After that, it's about 10:00 a.m. and we still have the whole day ahead of us!  

On this particular Saturday, Ginger and I set out to hit some thrift stores in Bisbee.  The main reason we chose Bisbee as our Saturday destination was because of a restaurant that I had heard about from a co-worker of mine.  It's called Jimmy's Hot Dogs, in Bisbee Arizona.  After I researched what all the fuss was about...I knew I had to try it!  Ginger loaded Brysen up and we headed to Bisbee.  Our first stop was our Aunt's thrift shop, the Sunshine Outlet in Bisbee.  It's full of home decor, artsy vintage finds and lots more.  I found a true treasure there!  An old, antique wood birdcage.  It's so folksy and americana and looks amazing displayed in my kitchen.  After we left to lunch we went.  When we arrived at Jimmys Hot Dogs, the service was amazing.  We ordered and literally before we sat in our seats...our food had arrived, hot and fresh!  I ordered the cheeseburger....and's the best cheeseburger I've ever eaten in my life.  If you know of a better one, I'd like to know, because this one was to die for.  It was so flavorful and not messy.  Just simple and incredibly delicious!  Ginger order the chili cheese dog and it was also extra good!  We split a chili cheese fries and both had the award winning root beer.  The meal was fantastic....even Brysen would agree (he had mac and cheese)!  When we cheat....we don't mess around!


  1. OMG I need to go there! I also need to check out T's shop, that birdcage is amazing!! ❤️ I love food ����