Saturday, July 25, 2015

Brady...the little Rivercat!

Brady played on his very first tee-ball team!  His daddy was the coach and it couldn't be a more of an adorable sight to see him play.  His jersey was over-sized, tucked into his baggy baseball pants and secured with a belt.  He even had little cleats and his very own glove.  His little eyes would light up when he saw all of us there to cheer him on.  His biggest fan was his little brother, Brysen...who was at every single game in his little camping chair.  Brady was quite animated out on the field and every at bat of his was cuter than the last.  He was more excited to talk to us through the dugout fence than he was to be playing...hahaha.  We couldn't get enough of this little slugger!   Go Rivercats! :)