Wednesday, April 4, 2012

They are not you....

There's probably a lot of things I do differently, whether it be better or worse! Here's a story that will fit today's topic pretty well. :)

College was a great, adventurous (well adventurous for me) time of my life. I went to school out of state for 5 years and I met some of the most incredible people in my life during those years. I experienced the usual things that someone does when they go off to college. Everything from living without my parents for the first time, to having my new bedtime become 2am! (dorm life!) I will always remember the adventures I had while attending school in Tennessee my junior and senior years. My best friends and I got to work at a place, as bartenders and cocktail waitresses, that had the most amazing live music every weekend. We got to know the bands and, most importantly, came to LOVE their music. Our favorite band was a group of college guys that were so incredibly talented! They were called Hoosier Daddy and they played mainly classic rock. For the next 2 years, we caught their show every chance we could. :)

Ok, so besides following the amazing, life changing, band.. I was definitely not the "going out to clubs and bars" type of girl. The very thought of a party gave me a stomach ache and "clubbing" was definitely not something I ever looked forward to. All of my friends absolutely loved all those things, which makes complete sense...they should! That's what college is experience those go out, drink, dance, flirt....have fun! I just never liked it and actually found myself dreading it. I did not ever judge my friends for wanting to do it, and in no way did I think I was above it, I just wanted nothing to do with it. I was a very social person, not a loner at's just the whole getting drunk and partying that took me out of my comfort zone. My friends were (and still are) incredible. They accepted me for who I was and I did the same for them. Id have fun helping them get all prettied up and ready for their night out.. I just would hardly ever go with them.

I'm someone who doesn't drink and hates going out just for the sake of getting drunk and socializing. I'm someone who will stay out all hours of the night for late night wal-mart trips with my friends..laughing until we practically pee our pants! Singing on the top of our lungs on pointless country car rides. Those are the memories I made in college. Or, following a great band to a tiny venue 5 hours away, just to hear their 3rd set....our favorite "60's and 70's" set! Or the fact that when everyone is going to college night at the local bar while I stay in the dorm to watch chic flicks and read all night. That's just me..and it's so nice to be able to be me with unconditional friendship and support. That's what I had! College was great...I met my maids of honor in college....and I found true friendship...sisterhood in college. I was truly myself and discovered more and more who I truly am....even if I am a little different.

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