Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding Harmony in the Kitchen....

While living here in Sausalito, California, I have been experiencing, somewhat, of a lifestyle change.  Nothing drastic, but there are nightly rituals that occur here that weren't really the norm at home.  Dinner is definitely a breath of fresh air in this household.  For someone, (me), who loves to cook and has learned a lot from watching Food Network for 9 years, I really don't do a lot of dinner experimenting at home.  On the rare occasions that I do decide to cook a "gourmet" meal, I end up turning my kitchen upside down and making enough food to feed the whole neighborhood.  Although I love to cook, I have just never seemed to pull off a delicious meal with much grace.  And on most nights at home, our meals are consumed on our laps, in front of the TV.  Even when I shop...I always seem to buy too much of one thing, and not enough of the other...I don't know what it is!  That it is not the case here...and I love it.  Here at David's Aunt and Uncle's is altogether different.    David's Aunt cooks with fresh ingredients and quality food that is both healthy and delicious...every night!  She cooks the way I wish I could.  I know I can cook the food...but it's just having the knack down the way she does.  She always has fresh fish and chicken in the house....and it all gets used!  She uses the fresh herbs from her garden in almost everything she makes. ( I love that!)  She hardly messes up the kitchen when she cooks, and everything is perfectly seasoned and prepared.  Just to name a couple meals, we have had grilled salmon with tons of grilled veggies and crusty bread and one night we had a homemade mushroom and herb pizza with a mixed green salad. The meals are always paired with wine...(and juice for David and I.)  Everything has been absolutely delicious!  I cooked dinner 2 times and actually did pretty well.  I made a cornbread pie one night... and another time I made lemon-garlic chicken and meyer lemon pasta that we bought fresh at the farmer's market.  Tonight her and I made dinner together and we had fresh sol.  It was yummy!  It was crusted with an herb breading and a lemon caper sauce.  On the side were fresh green beans and orzo pasta...and of course a green salad dressed with garlic balsamic vinaigrette.  It was very tasty. We eat dinner at the table every night...with candles burning, and dinner music playing.  The conversation is always delightful and interesting.  The simplest things can bring a certain calm and peacefulness to end your day...and I am learning that it is worth it.  I am also learning that I can cook more at home, even though there is just the 2 of us.  I also know, that we should eat our dinner at the table....with conversation instead of TV.

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