Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye....

At a certain point, we are all in search of beauty in this world. We have all felt those times where it's like there's nothing but big, dark clouds, day after day... and all we want to see is some sunshine,...and a blue sky.

When life isn't exactly how you pictured it to find yourself lost in phases that take you away from all the harsh realities of life. I hate to involve music in anything negative, but I must admit, I use music A LOT for that. TV and entertainment also do that. To be in a movie theatre for 2 hours feels like you're in that world, away from your own, for that time and it's just an escape that everyone needs every now and then. I love to read for that reason, too. Books are like art to is music and so are those select few other forms of entertainment that keep us occupied and away from all the hurt and all the pain that life can throw at us sometimes.

One show, or "masterpiece" rather, has done this for me over the course of several years and the levels it has taken me to are unreal. The show is called One Tree Hill. I have blogged about it before. I won't even try to go into detail right now about how this show has changed my life....that's for another time. ('s in the works, believe me!) I want to wirte about Wednesday night...the night it was all over.

The series finale came after nine amazing seasons. I have been a true fan of several TV series in my day....Friends, The Office, Law and Order-SVU, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Brothers and Sisters....the list goes on and on. However...One Tree Hill is altogether different. It holds all the things I love. Music, literature, art, and sports! The storyline is so infectious. It's loving, exciting, heartwrenching, haunting and so, so creative. The implementing of art and music in the show are beyond words. The voice-over is such an important part of the show and it really adds to the depth of the story. The sports play a roll that really, ultimately and unknowingly, become the heartbeat of the series. Even the titles of the episodes are named after a song or a song lyric. I love that. Throughout the series, the music in the show has been more than incredible. I have pin-pointed all the episodes to when they play a song by one of my Counting Crows, Ryan Adams, and my absolute favorite.....Patty Griffin. It's been many times! I can tell that the director/creator has such a passion for music.

Haley, on the show, is a singer/songwriter (In real life, too), among many other things. On the finale, she performs, for last time, at Tric (the famous music venue in Tree Hill). Now, just when you think your favorite show can't get any better than a heartfelt performance by your favorite are proved wrong when she opens her mouth to sing, and out comes "Blue Sky," a Patty Griffin song. I mean I was amazed in Season 2 and in Season 4 when they just played a Patty Griffin song in the background of a scene......but..OMG this just blew me away!!!! This was Haley, my favorite character on the show...actually covering Patty Griffin live!! I got so many chills through my body and was brought to tears. (My husband teased me, even though he secretly loved how happy it made me). I don't think anyone can ever know what that meant to me. This might sound silly, but it's been so long since I felt that happy and excited about something. It was almost like a sign telling me that everything was going to be ok. I can't explain was just the most amazing ending to the most incredible series ever created. But, it was even beyond that.....It made me feel that there will be good times ahead, no matter how far away they seem. And most gave me hope of two important things in my future....happiness and a blue sky.

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