Monday, May 14, 2012

Missing Mother's Day... you know, yesterday was Mother's Day.  I was around no mothers.  :(  The worst part of the day was not being around MY mother.  A normal Mother's Day in our family, is a BBQ at my parent's house with all my siblings and Grandpa and Sally (Grandpa's lady....who I love love love!) and my in-laws.  We make lots of food and spoil my mom with all kinds of fun stuff she doesn't need, but loves to have!  It's so much fun.  Instead, this Mother's Day was kind of gloomy.  David and I are still in California and my sister, Ginger was sick, my brother Robby was sick and going out of town and my sister Bri was sick.  Yuck!  I am glad that Bri was able to be home with my mom though.  My dad was also there and they ended up having a small get together with my Grandpa, Sally and in-laws, Sonna and Bob.  So, David and I were happy that our Mothers got to spend their day together.  It made us feel closer to them somehow.

I always feel mixed emotions on Mother's Day.  On one hand, I am so full of love for having the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!  On top of little sister is now a mom and I can't be happier about that!!  The fact that I'm not a mom is a little depressing to me.  I want so badly to be a mom.  I know I'd be a great mom, because of how great my mom is and I just love my little nephew so much, so I know I'd be great with kids.  My husband was once told by someone that Mother's Day is more than just a celebration of Mothers.  It's kind of like a day reserved for the special, most important women in your life.  Your wife and your mom.  He surprised me and got me a lovely card.  I loved that.  It was very sweet.  Maybe one day I will get one from my son or daughter, too.

This is my pretty Momma!!!
My little sis, Ginger and her son Brayden when he was a few months old.
 (We call him Brady...and he's almost 18 months now!) 


  1. Amber, I forget to look at your blog unless you remind me. Then I go and find months of writings that I didn't even know about. I hope you didn't check, looking for comments, and thought I didn't care. I LOVE the things you write about. You have a warm, gentle way of opening your heart and spilling in onto the pages. Being your mother is my life's greatest accomplishment.

  2. Thank you momma. I love you!!