Friday, June 22, 2012

Over the Golden Gate Bridge..and straight to Parnassus

The phone rang at around 12pm on May 26th, while we were having a lazy Saturday in Sausalito.  It was Dr. Roberts....the head of transplant surgery at UCSF.  He was calling to offer David a liver!!  I'll just say that the next 18 days were altogether amazing.  With a12 hour,  record breaking transplant surgery and a second re-exploration surgery a week later....I can happily say that my husband is cancer free with a healthy liver and a new chance at life!  Although my life isn't exactly what it seems to our family and incredible friends and supporters....the important truth is that David got his transplant.  He did have complications due to all his previous surgeries, but is now recovering better everyday.  We know he's at risk for rejection, as all transplant patients are, but we have faith that he will get through the first 3 months, which is the riskiest time, and that he will go on and live his life as a healthy and happy person.  My truth is all I know...and what I know is that I love him with all of my heart, I was scared out of my mind on more than one occasion during his 18 day hospital stay and that San Francisco will always be the place where my world changed forever.


  1. I read all of your blogs long time ago. I just didn't have the words. I've cried for you. You've made me smile, laugh and feel so proud...of your strength, dedication, and your beautiful view of the life you were given. I love you.