Sunday, July 6, 2014

Brysen's 1st Birthday!

 It was a super windy and rainy Saturday....but it was filled with laughter, happiness and excitement as our favorite blond-haired, blue-eyed boy turned 1!!  Brysen's 1st birthday was an absolutely success!  He was so happy!!  His favorite birthday present was definitely the fact that mommy and daddy took down the baby gate in the living room and he was free to crawl around the house!  When his little knees hit the tile, I had never seen him so happy and excited!!  He even had his first taste of cake, which of course was Tootsie Tillie's pineapple with plenty of bright yellow frosting! 

His birthday theme was Baby Einstein.  My sister and brother-in-law did an amazing job with the party, especially given the fact that Baby Einstein party supplies are very hard to come by.  All of Brysen's friends came to celebrate, too.  He had a special pinata and lots of fun cupcakes to share with all of his guests.  His favorite guest and big brother, Brady, was so excited for his baby brother.  Grandma made both boys special party shirts and I must say, they both looked extra adorable.  Lunch was provided by Uncle Robby...yummy pizzas!  

Brysen is such a sweet baby boy and I love him so much.  He's getting so big and starting to keep up with his brother.  His birthday was so special and when we sang happy birthday....I could see the happiness on his face.  His mommy and daddy (and Brady, of course) helped him open all his presents, he played hard and had a very special 1st birthday.  We love our little Brysen bug and love watching him grow up.  Happy Birthday, Brysen James! 

A few days before the was Brysen's actual birthday and we celebrated at Texas Roadhouse!


  1. Awh thats the last time I saw my lil guy... cant wait to snuggle him and his new crazy hair.

  2. really was such an adorable 1st birthday party for such a sweet little guy. He really was so happy and cute!