Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bye Bye, Auntie Bri.....

When you have to say goodbye to your best friends at the end of the school year, or after graduating college...its always hard.  Some are lucky to live close to their best friends, so that they can grow and move forward in life with them by their side.  Well, I am lucky enough to say that my sisters are my best friends and I'm even luckier to say that up until this past January, I have lived only a mile away from each of them.

In January, my little sister Bri decided to move to Texas, with my brother.  They opened up a Domino's Pizza and planned on going there to make and save money to prepare for the next phase of their lives.  It was hard on all of us....and most of all, on Bri.  It was really hard on her to leave Brady and Brysen.  They are so little and change so fast.  I  was very sad when I heard the news and knew I'd have to adjust to life without having them in the same town....or even in the same state as me.  My brother has moved around a lot, but Bri and I are kind of inseparable.  She's always been my baby sister, but for the past several years....she's been my best friend, too.  We love hanging out and we have a lot of the same interests.  We love being silly together, going on shopping adventures, watching movies and baking!  It's super fun when both my sisters, my mom and I all get together.  We laugh, tell stories, shop....and all of our favorite thing to do...EAT!  So, you can see why I was semi-devastated when she announced her relocation plans.  It didn't take me long to be supportive of her decision and understand why she chose to leave.  I miss her everyday, but I know she'll be back soon and we'll be back to our late night Target trips and ambitious cooking experiments.  For now, we have group texts.  These group texts are always between my mom, two sisters and me.  They can be for silly reasons like..."hey guys...remember when we used to dig for change in the couch cushions?'....or big news like...."There was just an earthquake!"  Somehow, these group texts keep us close and in touch every single day.  No matter what...I will always count my self lucky to have such amazing best friends.  Near or far....we are always connected.

I put together some pictures of my little Bonte (my nickname for Bri) when she left in January.  She's 8 years younger than me and has grown up into such a beautiful young lady.  She comes to visit soon and I couldn't be more excited!!  I know Brady and Brysen can't wait to see their Auntie Bri!


  1. Miss you. Love you. NEED you. Can't wait to see you. You're the sweetest my omp.

  2. Four of my very favorite friends/women! You all are just beautiful. I bet you miss each other like crazy. I can't imagine being away from my sister. Thank goodness for technology and social media, its brings us all just a little bit closer to our loved ones. My mom, sister, and I group chat all day every single day too! LOL