Sunday, July 17, 2016

Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies

Sweet summertime.  Of all the seasons, for me, summer offers the most memories.  For some reason the 4th of July in particular makes me feel nostalgic for the simpler days of running around barefoot in the backyard, going swimming, watching fireworks and being a kid.  As an adult on 4th of July, I get a warm fuzzy feeling of home.  I’m just taken back to those days that I had not a worry in the world, other than being frightened of the fireworks…eek!  (Yes, I was a wimp back then, too).  We always rolled around in the grass at the city park, snacked on slushies and hot dogs, wore cheesy red, white and blue matching outfits, and had a fun, family time.  As a teenager, my family and I were always at the softball field for a tournament on the 4th of July.  Whether it was Tucson, Phoenix or Albuquerque, my sister Ginger and I would be playing, my dad was coaching and my mom and little sister Bri were in the bleachers cheering with coolers full of Capri Suns and sliced watermelon.  We always ended up with hilarious, dark tan lines, except of course for our strawberry blonde mother and freckle-faced little sister who always ended up with bright red cheeks and sun streaks in their hair.  Between our softball games and my brother’s baseball games every summer, I don’t think you will meet another family more in love with the sport.  We were all passionate about our softball/baseball summers in a different way….but we all enjoyed every second!  I can’t think of anything I’ve ever been so determined and passionate about than fastpitch softball.  I counted the seconds to when I got to step out onto a field to play and I NEVER dreaded practice.  I felt confident, excited, competitive, and completely in my element out on the softball field.  Holding a bat and wearing a glove felt so natural, like it was part me....My knowledge of the game was embedded in my mind and my love for the game….woven into my soul.   I can’t remember a time I felt that motivated and alive.

As decades have passed since those days, now 4th of July makes me feel like planting flowers, collecting mason jars, visiting South Carolina or Georgia, drinking lemonade on the front porch, reading historic books, going to the parade in Bisbee…and as always, spending time with my family.   This year, we had a fantastic, all-American cookout at Ginger’s and Kevin’s house.  Their backyard looked like it belonged in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  The luscious green grass that Kevin has maintained back there is absolutely gorgeous!  Brady and Brysen were running around barefoot and loving it!  They even have a really nice above ground pool with cool, clean water and a huge swing set and tree-house overlooking the backyard.  We had a BBQ on their back porch with a view of their beautiful backyard and charming vegetable garden.  They went all out with BBQ ribs and yummy side dishes.  Ginger even made her famous red, white and blue punch!  It was delicious!! 
We also enjoyed our famous “Patriotic White-Elephant” gift exchange!  Of course, it was a blast.  When it got dark, we all moved to the front yard and sat in lawn chairs and tail gaits to watch the local fireworks and light fun sparklers.  Another memorable 4th of July with my family.

Here's a fun FLASHBACK to 4th of July from last year!!
The boys seemed so much smaller!  
Another fun day!

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  1. I love our family 4th of Julys at Ginger's. Her home is so inviting, kids are so wonderful. The food we all make comes together like a summer Thanksgiving. Fireworks are the perfect finish. Thanks, Amber, for capturing this day with your words and photos.