Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Year.  For 2017, I have chosen balance as my One Little Word.  Instead of making a resolution, the One Little Word tradition has captivated my "always a dreamer" soul and I am determined to find my balance this year.

I used to think that I needed to change parts of my life to be happy.  And, some parts, I do...but I think that the key to change, is balance.  Balance with my diet and exercise, balance with my budget and spending, balance with my hobbies, balance with my career, balance with my family...and balance with myself.  If I can implement balance into my life, I can finally find the clarity that has rarely shown up in the years past.

Balance With Diet and Exercise:
Eating celery sticks and drinking water for a week straight before all doctor's appointments and blood work is not a healthy way to live.  Binge eating everything in sight for the 2 weeks after a weigh-in with the doctor is only asking for horrible consequences.  I'm at a point in my life where diet and exercise are going to navigate the rest of my existence.  I am SO passionate about food and when I'm not eating it, I'm talking about it.  Passion is always a good thing in my opinion, so I want to try and channel my passion for food into cooking more and creating healthy recipes.  I spent a lot of 2016 researching healthy foods, reading up about illness and diet, and learning a tremendous amount about healthy eating.  It's time to implement all that I've learned into my own life.  That includes exercise.  I used to be so active...and now it's just so hard!  That's where the balance comes in.  I work a normal 8-5, M-F job.  It's completely physically possible for me to fit a workout in before I leave for work in the morning, or after I get home....or both.  It's the mental ability that I'm struggling with.  The path of least resistance always wins.  I know that exercise is the number one natural stress reliever, so if I'm too stressed, depressed, upset, angry, or overwhelmed to get outside and take a 30 minute walk....then isn't just doing it the answer?  Balance!  Maybe actually doing it everyday will eventually start to help my emotional obstacles.  There needs to be minimal exceptions to this!  We can aways find excuses (which I am very good at) not to do something....but this is something that has to be done.  Like getting up for work every single morning, paying's just something that needs to find it's way into my life's pie chart.  Without it...I will eventually lose my balance will be off, and I will crumble.

Balance With My Budget and Spending:
Finances are overwhelming.  I have never been very good with money.  In 2016, I made significantly more money than I ever have before and I need to start being more responsible with it.  Saving.  Saving is the key.  I make more than enough money to put some away every paycheck.  I have a lot of bills...probably more than the average woman my age, because of my husband's health issues, but I can still do better than saving $0 per paycheck, right?  I have this's a list of "big items" that need to be replaced in my home.  It's time my savings account started growing. Nobody is getting any younger and saving is going to pave the road to my future.

Balance With My Hobbies:
I have dreams and they have not moved beyond just dreams.  I want to make my hobby my career.  I never quite knew what I wanted to be and now all of a sudden I'm 36 years old and my procrastination has chosen for me.  I work in an office.  I manage a department.  I work in business.  I give 100% at my job everyday...but it's not me.  It's not who I am or who I want to be.  I finally know what I want to be and who I am...and I feel it's too late.  The flip side of that harsh reality though, are hobbies.  I can always have hobbies and I think it's important to have passions and not make your whole life be about your job.  What kind of balance is that?  It's not balance at all and it's why I have always stumbled through life.  That pie chart I mentioned above has always been made up of mostly my job.   I want to change that.  Balance makes for a happier, more peaceful life.  It's time that I start to make more room for my passions.  I have 3 main hobbies...

  • Paper Crafting/Planning/Journaling:  There's so much more to paper crafting than people think.  I have never created a traditional scrapbook, and I probably never will.  I have found my favorite thing about paper crafting to be creating kits, swapping goodies with friends,  creating planner spreads and themes, creative journaling, cardmaking and creating craft videos on my YouTube channel.  Planning and journaling is such a huge trend right now and the community of planners and paper crafters are all the women who are my soul sisters.  They are all the women who love pretty paper, stationery and journals just as much as I do.  It's a community of people who enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  It's pure joy. 
  • Blogging:  Blogging is one of my most favorite things to do.  I find so much peace and calm in writing.  It's soothing and therapeutic to me.  It's something I wish I would have studied in college, instead of business.  I completely neglected my blog last year, but as I strive to achieve balance this year, this blog will be coming back to life! 
  • Music:  There's so much about music that is embedded in me.  I won't even begin to get into the importance of music...because if I could, I would let music consume my entire life.  Leave everything behind (except my family of course) and just live a life of music.  Follow my favorite musicians on tour, practice my guitar until I'm great, then just play and play and play...and live harmoniously.  
To achieve balance with my hobbies is to spend more time with them.  Not so much time worrying about the things I SHOULD be doing...but learning that these ARE the things I should be doing. 

Balance with My Career:  Stop bringing it home with me.  Stop letting it take over my mind and body.  Leave it all at the office.  Continue to give 100%.  Always stand up for myself.  Have little to do with toxic people.  Never let my job define who I am.  

Balance With My Family:  My family is the most important thing in the world to me.  I am lucky to know unconditional love.  By finding balance in all other parts of my life will be the greatest thing for me, but my family isn't on that pie chart.  My family is the pie chart.  They are the reason I survive the bad, and enjoy the good.   They give my life meaning. 

Balance Within Myself:  I have been struggling with the feeling of whether or not I am worth anything.  Not everyday, but if I let myself think about it, it drives my mind to places I never want to return to.  I don't feel like I am contributing anything to the world.  Most days, I arrive home from work exhausted, angry and stressed out.  If I am going to put my mind and body through such a beating...then shouldn't I be doing something life-changing?  It's something I struggle with most days and something I need to learn to turn off.  While I am someone who loves the simple life....I also have this deep urge to accomplish something great.  Something that will make me feel alive and worthy.  This will be my most challenging area to find balance in.  But, somehow I hope that by finding my balance, I will also find my place in this world. 

Have a Happy 2017!

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  1. Amber, you have a giving, passionate heart. You give every day to the "great contribution" that you're hoping to achieve. Love you. xo