Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bri's Visit....

Flashback to July 25, 2014.....

When my sister, Bri lived in Texas last year....we counted down the days to when she'd come to visit.   She came home to visit in late July and we had lots of fun planned!  We love getting together for "girls" days.  The "girls" being myself, my mom, Ginger and Bri!  We decided to re-create the cheese picnic that Bri and I had experienced in Napa Valley in 2012.  It was divine!!  Instead of a picnic...we had tons of cheese, dips, crackers and snacks....and a craft day!  We spent all day crafting and snacking on delicious cheeses.  Then, we made dinner that evening that we ate out on my parent's back patio and enjoyed it while staring at the beautiful mountains in the distance.  On the menu for dinner was my lemon garlic pasta (extra lemony), roasted lemon pepper brussels sprouts and steak caesar salad.  It was scrumptious!

The rest of her visit was filled with family, food, snuggling with nephews and of course the dreadfully sad goodbye.  But, I am so happy to say that she is now back home and living only 1 mile away!  That makes me a happy girl!


  1. Omg omg! I need that exact meal RIGHT NOW! When? Seriously when?