Friday, January 17, 2014

Three Already?!

Dated:  November 16, 2013

It seriously seems like yesterday that my full-of-life, adorably spunky, little nephew, Brady was just born.  All of a sudden….he’s three!   His birthday party was colorful, fun and very memorable.  Thomas and Percy were in attendance, and the conductor, Brady, had an absolute blast.  It seems that this is the age where everything is noticed.  Every gift he opened was the greatest thing he’d ever seen, all the people at his party were known to him by either their name or whose mommy they were and of course, the bouncy castle (or jump, jump as Brady calls it) was definitely the hit of the party.  There was even a giant Thomas the Train pi├▒ata filled with so much candy that I almost dove in when it came pouring out.  My sister and brother-in-law really did throw a perfect party for the most precious 3 year old in the world. 

Brady invited all of his friends.  The Weber boys, Johnny and Parker, were such sweeties.  They were playful, but so protective of little Brady.  It was extra adorable.  Little Emma was such a delight.  Her soft blond hair shined in the sunlight and big, beautiful eyes sparkled as she tried to keep up with the rambunctious boys.  Also, Avinli , Victoria and Sophia, some of our party regulars, were there to celebrate with Brady.  They were such cuties…and have such innocent and playful imaginations.  The cutest part of them being at the party was when I found them dining in the clubhouse outside….just as happy as they could be with their cupcakes and conversation.  Of course, Brady’s buddies, Dax and Jax were there, too.  Jax’s baby brother was also there…and so was baby Gus!  Brady’s favorite guest was his baby brother and very best friend, Brysen.  Brady is a lucky little guy to have so many wonderful friends already.  I won’t name the adults…but he had lots of family and friends there to share his big day.

I made cupcakes for the party.  The tiers were full of bright and colorful cupcakes in all different flavors.  I made strawberry with vibrant, red frosting, banana chocolate chip with bright, yellow frosting and chocolate fudge caramel with “Thomas,” blue frosting.  We sang happy birthday to Brady and let all the kids (and adults) dig in. 

Our little Brady sure is growing up and getting smarter and smarter as the days pass.  His little personality is full of passion, happiness and love.  He is hilarious and a constant joker, too.  After all his guests went home for the night, Brady and all of his family remained.  He showed us what a smart boy he is by pointing at us and announcing all of our names, accurately counting us…and telling us all that we eat bugs. :)

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  1. What a great party for a 3 year old with his family and friends. Thanks for sharing. He's a doll.