Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cotton Balls and Jingle Bells...

Date:  December 2013

As I've mentioned nephews are absolute joys in my life.   How fun it must be to have kids around Christmas time.  Just to see the excitement and anticipation of the holidays on their faces...getting to teach them all about your traditions and getting to share such amazing memories with them has to feel incredible.  I am lucky to get to spend time with my nephews.

On this day, Brady and his 2 aunties (My sister, Bri and I) did some Christmas crafts together at my house!  I picked him up after work and we went to my house for some fun, festive projects!  Brady sang Christmas carols, ate fruit snacks, glued lots of cotton balls and glitter, painted and had a blast! He made a big snowman to hang on the wall and he even made special mugs for his mom and dad for Christmas.  He also painted a special stained glass sun catcher for Grandma, too.

It was so much fun to see him so interested in this kind of stuff.  He was so proud and so happy.  I love that kid.

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