Sunday, July 21, 2013


Easter was a little different this year.  I spent most of the day preparing food.  Yes, I do love to cook, so it was nice.  I made honey and brown sugar glazed ham, with a pinch of black pepper, sweet potatoes diced and covered with butter, brown sugar and salt and pepper (yum!), green bean casserole (my husband's favorite), and lots of cresent rolls.  For dessert, I made tons of cupakes!  The variety I chose for that special Sunday were carrot (filled with walnuts and plump, sweet raisins), chocolate malt (topped with malted milk multi-colored eggs), lime with lime cream cheese fluffy whip (it taste like keylime pie...yum!), and strawberry (filled with lots of fresh, juicy strawberries).  We had dinner at my MIL's house and she had the most adorable Peter Rabbit table setting. 

Before David and I went over to his moms, I delivered my homeade Easter baskets to my family.  I decided to go to the Dollar Tree and Walmart a couple weeks before Easter and make an inexpensive, but adorable, basket for everyone.  I took the pictures below to capture the day. :)
Missing, is the basket I made for my sister, Bri.  I have no idea why I didn't save a picture of it...but it was filled with fashion magazines and candy. :)  Also, my dad didn't get a basket...he got a dozen of his favorite cupcakes instead! :)

Tootsie Tillie's "Lee Lime"

Tootsie Tillie's "Dad's Favorite Carrot"

Easter Basket for my mom :)

Easter Basket for my baby nephew, Brysen :)

Easter Basket for my nephew, Brady :)

Easter Basket for my sister, Ginger :)

Easter Basket for my Brother-in-Law, Kevin

Easter Basket for my husband, David

More carrot cupcakes!

Tootsie Tillie's "Nolan's Strawberry Patch"

Tootsie Tillie's "Jess's Chocolate Malt"

Adorable Peter Rabbit Table

David and his delightful cousin, Amelia


  1. Can you believe everything this girl can accomplish, by herself, for 1 holiday?!!! Wow!

  2. Those cupcakes are awesome!! You are the sweetest person! And David is lucky because most adults don't get Easter baskets anymore. Lol