Friday, July 5, 2013

Patty Griffin.

 Every lyric, every note....all heartwrenching.  It's a good kind of hurt though.  The trancsendent strums on her guitar and flawless sound of her voice will always stay with me.  If you've heard her on a CD or through an just isn't the same as hearing her perform live.  A great artist is even more incredible live....and she is definitely that.  Hearing her sing the lyrics that she wrote with so much passion and soul in her voice is like nothing I have ever experienced.  Her songwriting has a way of breaking your heart, but also making you feel like everything is going to be ok, all at the same time. 

She is touring her new album, American Kid.  It's tremendous.  Every song she performed on stage, that magical Thursday night in Mesa, Arizona....was amazing.  I knew and loved every single song.  When the moment came where the rest of the band left Patty alone on the stage with just her guitar...and she began to play "Nobody's Crying," that's the moment that nothing bad in my life mattered at all.

Nothing compares to Patty Griffin.  Nothing.  Her lyrics and melodies will stay with me forever and will always remind me that beauty and perfection can exist in this world.  Even when life is impossible to face can help heal the hurt and make you believe in peace and harmony once again.

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