Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Bombs Bursting in Air....

I was always scared of fireworks as a kid.  I think my precious Godson is going to take after his Auntie Amber.  4th of July this year was a lot of fun.  We started the day off at Veteran's Memorial Park, here in Sierra Vista.  My mom, Ginger, Brady and I headed down there to check out the craft vendors and to have some lunch.  We ate the most delicious Chicago dogs and Hawaiian shaved ice.  During lunch, the festivities were going on and the Ft. Huachuca officers were honoriong all of the states with a loud "Boom!"  It was some sort of weapon being fired and Brady tolerated about 3 of them before he was clinging tight to Grandma.  He wasn't crying, but he was scared and very interested at the same time.  Poor went on for 50 "booms" and he sat there secured on Grandma's lap the whole time.  When it was over, he was fine and his sun-kissed faced smiled for the rest of the day. 

Later that afternoon, we all headed to Ginger's and Kevin's house for a BBQ.  Kevin made the most delicious ribs ever!  They provided a feast along with patriotic drinks to go with it.  I brought dessert, which was a peach cake filled with fresh raspberries and strawberries, filled and topped with cream cheese fluffy whip and topped off with more fresh berries!  And of wouldn't be a celebration without the sendoff of Brady's red, white and blue star-shaped balloons!  We all waived goodbye as they floated higher and higher into the air until they looked like tiny fireworks.  It was a great day.  Pictures below captured our fun-filled Independence Day!

My mom made Brady and Brysen the most adorable sail boat pants!!


  1. I love these happy family times. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Everything looks amazing! Looks like a great 4th!