Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just lucky I guess....

As we are now well through the month July, you can probably tell that I'm playing catch up here on my blog.  I have found myself without a personal computer, as of late.  It sucks!  There's so many things that calm me and make me happy, and blogging is definitely one of them.  I wish I could take more time and blog, blog, blog, but it seems that life just gets in the way...too much!  Today, I finally have a chance to catch up on some blogging and I couldn't skip anything.  Here's a few cute pictures of my adorable nephews, Brady and Brysen.  It was St. Patrick's day (so like 4 months ago!) and they're being silly.  Even though I find myself with no money to buy a computer, in an exhuasting job that consumes most of my life and always facing bills and debt collectors...I still count myself lucky everytime I look at the two of them.  Happy Sunday. :)

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  1. Keep that beautiful attitude. The angels are watching over you.