Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 has arrived...

Flash back to New Years Day 2015

Just a few miles south and up a winding road is a place I fall in love with every New Years day.  It's the Arizona Folklore Preserve off of Ramsey Canyon in Hereford, Arizona.  We drive out there every New Years day and hope to see a little snow on the ground, while we breathe in the fresh mountain air.  This year, I captured some beautiful pictures of the lovely preserve and we even explored further up the canyon to discover some snowy trails and a charming little bed and breakfast that I would love to stay at someday.  The air was so crisp, the stream was trickling along and the sounds were so peaceful.   

Afterwards, we went to breakfast at a neighborhood cafe, The Country House.  We had coffee, orange juice and fresh biscuits with gravy.  It was a wonderful day and a beautiful start to 2015.

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