Sunday, June 7, 2015

I belong to you, Bisbee.

Flashback to January 18, 2015

One of my favorite parts about living in Southern Arizona is being so close to Bisbee.  I've said it time and time's like stepping back into a different time.  It's so organic, vintage, artsy and refreshing!  I love going there with my favorite mom and sisters.   

My mom, sister Bri and I decided to take a trip there for breakfast at The Bisbee Breakfast Club.  It was a wonderful day and the only thing missing was my sister, Ginger.  We love to take mini day trips like this for girl time, exploring, picture taking and of!  The Bisbee Breakfast Club is located in Lowell.  It's a cute little strip of town in Bisbee that is literally stuck in the 50's.  The retro backgrounds it lends to our photos are priceless!  I loved every minute of it and it's times like these that I will treasure forever.   

After lunch, we took a drive to my mom's old neighborhood where she lived as a kid.  I always love doing that.  After that, we went to Old Bisbee for a little bit and had dessert at the High Desert Market.  They have amazing pastries and coffee drinks.  We had such a great time.  

Sometimes, when I'm in Bisbee I have thoughts of selling my house, quitting my job and taking my husband and my guitar and moving to a little cottage in Bisbee.  I could plant a vegetable and herb garden, play music, blog, read, write and craft to my heart's desire.  Then I remember reality.  Stupid reality.  Shit.  

Until then...I can always dream and have mini trips with my best girls. :)

My mom and Bri...

Sister, Bri... 


  1. Amber, your words and pictures describe our little trip perfectly.

  2. I am large and hideous. I think u should pick up and quit...but not move...just visit!