Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Trapeze Girl Kind of Birthday!

Flashback to my Birthday, February 4, 2015

My family is the best.  For my birthday this year, the girls (mom and sisters Bri and Ging) came over to my house for our annual birthday crop!  They brought lots of yummy food and we had ourselves a fun craft day!  It was wonderful and my favorite thing to and craft!  

My family also threw me (and my dad) a circus themed birthday!!  (sorry, dad...hahaha!)  It was the cutest thing ever!!! (I'm obsessed with circus stuff)   The pictures below tell the story best!!  I had a fun, enchanting birthday, thanks to my adorable nephews and wonderful family. :)

Even everyone at work wished me a Happy Birthday!

Flowers from my best friend, Jessica.... 
Step right up to Amber's Circus Birthday!!

Brady the Clown...

Brysen the Clown...

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