Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Day Out With the Aunties!

Flashback to November 30, 2014

My nephews are pure joy.  I adore them.  When I get to spend time with them...I feel so lucky and so blessed.  They are spunky, sweet, brave, silly, hilarious, energetic, loving little boys and I love them so much!

On this day, Bri and I decided to take them out for a fun day of festivities.  We took them to the local mall for the Festival of Trees and of course for them to have fun in the little play area (their favorite).  I love taking them to see the Christmas trees.  Their little faces light up with excitement and anticipation for their own tree.  We had a great time.

Next, we went for ice cream and soda.  Yep...we filled em' up with sugar, that's right!  They loved it and Brady was so proud that he got to drink "soda pop."  I'm so thankful that my sister, Bri has moved back home.  Taking the kids out with her is so much fun.  We work as a team...and trust me, it's necessary with these two!  

Here are some fun pictures I took to capture our fun-filled day!

Here's Brady and Brysen standing in front of my work's Christmas Tree.  I helped design it. 

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