Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flying 'round the carnival....

Flashback to September 27, 2014

There's just something so enchanting about carnivals.  I don't know if it's the dreamer in me, but they make me feel like I've stepped into another world.  For me, they seem to appear out of nowhere and cause a peculiar kind of everyone.  I want to believe that the stories behind the lives of the gypsies are nothing but magical, outlandish and romantic.  

On this day, my brother Robby was visiting from Texas.  He promised Brady that he'd take him to the carnival.  So, my sister Ginger, her husband Kevin, my two nephews Brady and Brysen, my brother Robby and myself all made a day of it at the carnival   It was a day filled with rides, corn dogs, cotton candy and of course lots of classic carnival games!  

I absolutely love taking pictures and it was extra exciting to snap these at the carnival that day.  It was a cloudy, but beautiful day.  Perfect for taking lots of pictures.  Brady and Brysen had so much fun and were proud to have their Uncle Robby with them.

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