Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Cozy Little Christmas House...

Christmas Traditions, New and Old...
December 1, 2014

Here are some pictures of our house decorated for Christmas!  I love our country style Christmas Tree and  decorations.  My house reminds me of a little country cottage at Christmas time.  It's full of burlap, plaids, reds and creams.  I'm not sure of a lot of things...but I'm sure I love our cozy little Christmas house.

This year, I wanted to start a new tradition.  My husband and I wanted to have my sister's family over for cookies, hot cocoa and a holiday movie!  They came over and Brady helped me make the hot cocoa.  We even added sprinkles, which has become a must in every cup of hot cocoa we drink now!  (It's should try it!)  We got all snugly in the living room and watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas."  It was so simple...but so special.  I would love to make it a tradition every year.  Brysen inspected our Christmas tree most of the night, while Brady ran in and out of the kitchen for more sprinkles and more cookies. :)  It was our kickoff to Christmas...and it was absolutely heart warming. 

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