Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did I show you this picture of.....

Today's challenge....A Photo of You Taken Over 10 Years Ago

Me, my brother and sisters...I think it's around 1989.

This one is my first traveling softball trip when I was 12.  We were the Sierra Vista All-Stars!

 Some of the greatest times of my life were in high school on the basketball court.  This was taken in 1998, my senior year!

 High School Softball 1998.

 This one was taken in my best friend, Maria's, wedding. 
My little sister Bri was almost 10 and I was 18

 This is my sister Ginger and I in 1997 or 98.  I was a senior and she was a freshman.

These pictures bring back some great memories!

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  1. Man, to be able to go back in time just for a day.. good times!