Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visiting Tombstone....

My 2 best friends in the world, Jess and Crystal live in Oklahoma and Kansas, but we get together at least once a year.  This picture was taken while they were here visiting 2 summers ago.  We went to Tombstone one day, and I shot this picutre of Jalen, Crystal's son, while he was having a lollipop.  He is so precious and I have a real softspot for that little boy. I miss my friends a lot...and love when I get to spend time with them and their adorable kids. : )


  1. Jess and Crystal are amazing, I can def see why you all love each other so much! And their little boys are just beautiful, all of them.. Love this pic of Jalen, Amber!

  2. GREAT Picture...love the colors!!!