Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maybe it's over the rainbow...

October Road
I love going on vacation...but I absolutely hate to fly.  I am terrified...and every time I do have to fly somewhere, it ends up ruining my entire trip, because all I think about the entire time is the flight I have to take back home. :(  With that said.... my dream vacation might seem a little lame.  Of course I would love to go to Italy one day, but as ridiculous at it sounds...I don't think I could ever bring myself to be on that long of a flight. 

My ideal dream vacation would be to go with my mom and sisters to the Country Living Fall Craft Fair!  (Wherever it may be this year!)  I would love if it was somewhere like Savannah, GA...I've always wanted to go there!  I absolutely love fall....it's just the beautiful color of the leaves changing, the crisp weather and pumpkins everywhere....it's just one of my absolute favorite times.  Nothing makes me feel better than going apple picking, hitting up craft bazaars and eating delicious comforting food with my mom and sisters.  If we could take a road trip for a couple weeks to the Country Living Fall Craft Fair...it would be pure bliss.  Who knows...maybe it will happen someday!

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