Saturday, February 12, 2011

A medley never soon to forget....

Today's challenge:  A Song You Want Played at Your Wedding (or was played)

My wedding was on November 4, 2006.  It was a wonderful day!  Music was a very important part of that day and I planned months and months ahead of time on what music would be played during every aspect of the wedding!  My bridesmaids walked into James Taylor, my flower girls and ring bearer walked into the Dixie Chicks...our first dance was to a significant song by Wynonna....the removal of the garter and the garter toss was to the Counting Crows.....etc.  You get the picture....I was very specific about the music for my wedding!  We even gave away "David's and Amber's Wedding Soundrtrack" away as our guest favors!  My parents sang "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" during the exchanging of rings....and my favorite part of the wedding was when my Dad walked me down the isle to "Over the Rainbow" by IZ.  It's actually a medley of Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World.  It was beautiful and perfect!  Here it is...this amazing rendition of Over the Rainbow that made my wedding day so memorable. : )

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  1. I remember your special day! It was such a lovely day!! My favorite part was your parents singing of course, at the ceremony and at the reception! I totally still jam to your soundtrack too :)