Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Challenge: Black and White

This is a picture I took of my best friend's son, Mash.  My best friend is Jessica, and we met our freshman year in college in Kansas.  We both had softball scholarships, lived in the same dorm quad and ended up being roomates.  She has been just like a sister to me.  We ended up both getting softball scholarships to a University in Tennessee after graduating from our juco in Kansas with our other best friend, Crystal.  Considering how softball brought us together...I think this picture means a lot!  This little boy is something else.  He's all boy, that's for sure...and I bet he'll become an awesom ball player...just like his mama.

Thanks so much to Live Every Moment for hosting this photo challenge! 
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  1. Aww so cute!! Great pic Amber! I remember Mash and Jalen killin those baseballs that day!! :) they both will be awesome players just like their mamas!

  2. Aw, this is so cute! Love it, thanks for linking up.