Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I was asked to write about a guilty pleasure....
I believe in passion and never really claimed to have a "guilty" pleasure.  I know all the yummy junk food I love is a serious guilty pleasure...but I have something different to share and its definitely my guilty pleasure.

I love music...and I tend to lean towards singer/songwriter/indie/folk type music, but there's a musician that is just so catchy and adorable...and I can't stop listening to her music!  Taylor Swift.  I know she's labeled as a "pop" country star...and there's really no music I hate more than pop music...but her music is different!   She is very true to her style as an artist, and it's always an added bonus in my book if you write all your own music and can play the guitar, which she does.  She might not have the haunting soul in her lyrics and melodies, but there's just something about her music that makes me...yes I admit it's true...a fan.

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